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Clark County, NV Public Records

The state of Nevada encourages accountability by allowing citizens to access Clark County public records through open government platforms easily. Clark County citizens can research and request information per the Nevada Public Records law. Aside from partially restricted or confidential records, citizens can get public records without specifying their reasons for access. Property records, sex offender registries, inmate searches, and some court records are public record examples that are open for viewing. Marriage license records are also available to the public via the Clark County website. For divorce records, though, the requester may correspond with the county clerk and pay $10 per name searched. Birth records are Clark County public records as well though the requester would have to provide state-issued identification, driving licenses, and proof of their relationship with the person of interest.

Courts in Clark County

Court Records in Clark County, Nevada

These documents are public records unless sealed by law, considering the confidential data therein. Requesters may get court records from the Clark County clerk of court, who maintains all archives from 1909. The Eighth Judicial District Court houses most of these records, which can be accessed via its online portal. It yields family, criminal, and civil records, along with the court calendar. Juvenile records are considered confidential and only accessible to law enforcement agencies, protective services, or the military if permission is provided. For criminal records, however, there are additional requirements as the requester would have to download and fill a request for Nevada criminal history form. The Nevada department of public safety charges $27 for criminal records processing via money order or confirmed checks.

Court Name:
243 Water Street
200 Lewis Avenue
Las Vegas
500 Hillside Drive
2332 Las Vegas Blvd. North, Suite 100
Las Vegas

Jails and Prisons in Clark County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Clark County, Nevada

Clark County inmate records are part of the public record. Using a look-up tool, citizens can access information on inmates, including age, gender, and other physical descriptors. Requesters may also get information on the criminal charges, facility, and sentencing details. This platform will not display minors’ data, however. Aside from the online tool, requesters can seek inmate records from designated call numbers. Clark county parole records are also available to eligible requesters. These records detail detainees that are up for parole and their criminal records. There are 51 jails and prisons in Clark County, Nevada, serving a population of 2.29 million residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
22010 Cold Creek Road
Indian Springs
3 Prison Rd., P.O. Box 19859
20825 Cold Creek Road, P.O. Box 208
Indian Springs
330 South Casino Center Boulevard
Las Vegas
100 Youth Center Road, PO Box 459
2400 Angel Peak Place
Las Vegas

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Clark County

Arrest Records in Clark County, Nevada

When an individual is arrested and detained, the arresting officer fills out forms noting the inmate’s details. This becomes the booking record and later becomes the arrest record, and it is typically public information. It includes fingerprints, physical details, and the details of the incident leading up to the arrest. These are accessed at the offices of law enforcement agencies like the police department. Clark County has 34 police departments and a sheriff’s office serving the residents. The county experienced 9,988 violent crimes in 2021 compared to 13,334 in 2017, relative to the national crime numbers of 1,313,200 in 2021. With those numbers, it is not surprising that Clark County has the highest jail incarceration rate across the state for currently confined and pretrial inmates.

Police Departments Name:
400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard
Las Vegas

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